Philosophy to application

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
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Philosophy is more than just thought. It is the application of those thoughts. As I walk further down my path of martial arts, I seem to reflect on it more and more often.  My chosen art is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I have found it to be one of the most honest martial arts I have ever trained in.  The BS has been trimmed out and the art has been streamlined in the last decades. Is it the most complete martial art in the world? No. There is no such thing. That is not the point of practicing an art. It has its blind spots and holes just like every martial art. That does not affect what it means to me. Jiu jitsu is philosophy in motion.  It is higher consciousness through harder combat. If you get on the mat and spar and roll with an open mind so many things become clear. Like tonight I rolled with a younger guy about 21. He was strong, fast, and very skilled. I feel like the old scarred lion every now and then. This was one of those nights. The saying in jiu jitsu is don’t get behind.  Well tonight I was behind. What that means is things are going your opponent’s way and not yours.  He was getting the grips, the positions, and the sweeps. Pretty much winning the exchanges. I wasn’t destroyed by any means, but this clicked something in my mind. Here is the essence of martial arts. Here is my chance to better myself. Here is my chance to learn.  After a discussion with my instructor, some of my mistakes became so blatantly evident, I could not believe I was making them or not compensating for them.  This is the application of knowledge in a context of harder combat.  This is the philosophy of jiu jitsu. It is the application of conscious thought.  We rolled a few more times with each time me trying to dissect my mistakes. I did better correcting a few of the mistakes when I could. So what I’m saying sometimes I guess you have to get behind to get ahead.


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