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   It has been a few months since my last post. It was a busy time. I put a lot of hard training in on the mats. Had a ton of stuff happening at work, and been busy being a dad and husband. I did get to come to California and compete in the Masters/Seniors Worlds. It was a great experience. Definitely glad I did it and got it out of the way. Now I am more determined to bring home some gold.

   Let me outline the few weeks leading up to the Masters. Three weeks out from the tournament, I am hitting my stride. I feel great. Strength is peaking, weight is down, and I feel like a freaking buzz saw on the mats. Now I’m not a little guy, about 201, so I frequently end up rolling with the gorillas. Now this is not a big deal I hold my own with the big guys. Well on that night I roll with one of the most dangerous type of partner. A very large, very strong white belt. Everyone is given the instruction to be careful and not hurt us old guys since we are so close to the tourney. Well wouldn’t you know it, I’m rolling pop out the side and hit a sweet clock choke. I am deep, and my very large partner kind of spazs on me and tries to roll forward out of the choke. I am so deep into his collar I can’t disengage. Next thing I know my ribs are crushed and I hear a sound like wet leather tearing. My lungs spasm and man I’m hurting. I finally roll myself off the mats and try to recover. The only thing I can think about is damn I’ve booked flights, hotel, and already paid my registration. The pain finally subsides, but this thing is truly injured. I spent the next two weeks barely able to twist and the weight of a four year old on my chest made me want to cry. A week out I decided to give it a try and get a little rolling in considering I was headed to the biggest tournament I’ve ever competed in. It didn’t feel too bad. I started to get a little of that momentum back. But with this time just sitting around my weight had crawled back up a little.

   I own four digital scales, and I was getting four different weights. It was a range of six pounds difference in them. Now I was getting more and more freaked out. I knew I would have a long plane ride and a day and a half of not eating if I couldn’t get my weight sorted out. I was stressing out big time. Fortunately I was not the only guy from my team to bring a scale so we were able to compare and bam I was seven pounds under. This was a tremendous relief. Now on to the tournament.

   If you have never been to a large IBJJF tourney it is worth doing. I did have a horribly long wait in the bullpen before competing, but this was my only complaint. I did not do as well as I hoped. I was up 5-0 on my first opponent when I went for a knee cut pass to side and was caught in a baseball bat choke and well went night night. It really sucked, not for just the fact of going out but the fact my wife, children, parents, and friends were all watching online. Of course they were totally freaked out, but I was fine. My opponent ended up finishing 2nd on the day. This definitely gave my some confidence that I belonged there. I just got caught and that is a true testament to jiu jitsu.

   The next really cool thing about going to the Masters is the fact I got to hang out Royler Gracie’s house, watch some lessons, and check out his private office with all of his memorabilia. It was definitely a great trip and cannot wait to do it again. I am super thankful to have such a wonderful team and instructors. If you are ever in St Louis check out Gracie Humaita St Louis or Cape BJJ and Fitness in Cape Girardeau Mo